Intelliquip Featured on Hotjar

About a year into my job as User Experience Engineer at Intelliquip, Inc. (now part of Revalize), we were confronted with a difficult user flow challenge. We had an existing user set that needed to onboard with a new suite of applications, but their previous account details needed to be updated with some extra details required by the new software.

As part of the first-time login experience, these special “half-n-half” users were presented with an account details page before completing the login. After the missing information was completed, they were redirected to the login page with a Rails “flash” message asking that they confirm their email before attempting to login again. Unfortunately, the way this workflow was originally designed meant that users were caught off-guard at multiple points, and unable to achieve their goal of logging in and using the new system.

Thanks to Hotjar, however, we were able to rapidly iterate through design changes that ultimately led to the successful onboarding of 10,000 users. We used a combination of Hotjar’s session recordings and collaboration on Google Docs to make the tweaks and changes necessary to help our users.

Read the Intelliquip feature on Hotjar’s website for more details and quotes from the software’s Product Owner, Jon Kern.