👋 Hi, I’m Bobby.

I’m the User Experience Engineer at Revalize, web designer for The Manor at Stowers Hill, and father of the Showalter family.

I have work available at the following sources:

Latest Blog Post

Designing for Display Density

Striking the right balance between an information-rich UI and a more open design is always a challenge. At Revalize, our software serves the full range of “power” to “casual” users. Building a UI that can respond to a display density user preference is one way we’re working to accommodate people of all backgrounds.

Featured Portfolio Project

The Manor at Stowers Hill

The Manor at Stowers Hill is a beautiful event venue in Harriman, TN, run by Lori and Chad Brown. For the design of the website, I worked with Lori and Chad to deliver a refined, tasteful experience that echoes the timeless beauty of their estate. Their clients agree—their new website has been fielding a consistent stream of event appointments ever since we went live at the beginning of February, 2020.