👋 Hi, I’m Bobby.

I’m a User Experience Engineer from the scruffy little city of Knoxville, TN. At FPX, I work with engineers and manufacturers to make complex specification workflows approachable.

I have work available at the following sources:

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I’ve written a lot of CSS over the past six years. Here’s the opinionated result of all that experience. Maybe some day, after I’ve written even more CSS and changed my mind again, we’ll revisit this post and have a hearty laugh at how naive I was.

Featured Portfolio Project

The Manor at Stowers Hill

The Manor at Stowers Hill is a beautiful event venue in Harriman, TN, run by Lori and Chad Brown. For the design of the website, I worked with Lori and Chad to deliver a refined, tasteful experience that echoes the timeless beauty of their estate. Their clients agree—their new website has been fielding a consistent stream of event appointments ever since we went live at the beginning of February, 2020.