I’m currently employed as a User Experience Engineer.

What is a User Experience Engineer?

Great question! I sit at the crossroads of UI, UX, and Front-end Development. I also dabble in business strategy and project management.

At Intelliquip, this means I’m responsible for:

  • User research and testing (most often through interviews)
  • Collecting, shaping, and prioritizing requirements
  • Reconciling those requirements with business and customer goals
  • Collaborating with developers to discover potential technical pitfalls before design begins
  • Designing the UI
  • Documenting the UI through pattern libraries and design specs
  • Developing the UI
  • Collaborating with developers so they’re empowered to implement UI features without me

I work cross-functionally with customers and their internal representatives, executive management, middle management, and developers to create and deliver all of the above in a timeline and budget that satisfies everyone’s needs.

What does a typical day or week look like?

Most days, I’m doing some form of prototyping or asset development. For lower fidelity prototyping, I usually sketch or draw rough wireframes on my iPad. If we’re far enough along that we need higher fidelity, I’ll jump into CodePen so I can work with code. CodePen’s sterile environment gives me the space I need to focus on the actual problem at hand, without worrying about the overhead of an entire application environment. When it comes time to commit these artifacts to real code in a real application, I use what I explored in the CodePen phase (or the mockup sketches, in the case of leveraging existing components) to write any necessary HTML, CSS, or JS to deliver a solution. I engage with developers all along the way to make sure my work is documented, understood, and aware of any potential pitfalls or limitations on the technical side of things.

Outside of putting code on the screen, I also work closely with our customer representatives and executive management to ensure my work is aligned with everyone’s goals. The customer reps help provide any background and feedback I need from real users of our applications. Where necessary, I work with our executives to present research findings, discuss mockup proposals, and gather any necessary input about our internal goals for a particular set of work.